Tereza Harazim

Founder & Creative Director

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Quality over quantity.

Transparency over greenwashing.

Slow fashion over consumerism.

Delicate fabrics to allow the skin to breathe.

Women. Beauty. Nature.


That is what Harazym stands for.

The story behind today’s brand Harazym started already back in 90’s. The founder & creative director Tereza Harazim grew up in the family of glove makers who were creating products not only beautiful but also resistant. In 2016, Harazym introduced its first collection of luxurious leather gloves which were sold all around the world. The gloves traveled to USA, Scandinavia, Italy or France.


Nevertheless, the urge to create something beautiful and with her own hands slowly grew over the years. The interest in luxurious materials that make the skin and the owner feel beautiful has become her passion. As well as art and playing with the colours. Thats how ’s how the first scarf collection was created after months of researching, trying different silk painting techniques and playing with the material.

Sustainability & Design

Harazym’s direction reflects the studies of Tereza in Denmark, where she was deeply influenced by the Scandinavian design and sustainability that's rooted deeply into the Scandi culture. Designs are smooth, flowy. They respect their owner and bringing the best out of him. They are not created to outstand the woman, they are made to compliment her and made her inevitably chic and powerful.

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