Quality over quantity.

Transparency over greenwashing.

Slow fashion over consumerism.

Delicate fabrics to allow the skin to breathe.

Women. Beauty. Nature.


That is what Harazym stands for.





Although silk is not a vegan-friendly fabric, it is a fully recyclable and environmentally friendly material as the mulberry trees cut down the CO2 footprint. During the entire production, there are no chemicals used. We are always seeking alternatives and believe that fashion should be circular. Therefore, in our collection, you will find garments made from deadstock designer materials, recycled materials and upcycled items. We are planning to source Peace Silk for future production as well and opt for more vegan-friendly alternatives.




Our goal is to produce our collections locally and to support local suppliers, manufacturers and businesses as much as possible. All products are currently made in Bohemia. We use French and Chinese silk as well.

We focus on zero waste collections and try to reuse all the fabric we source.

We aim to minimise fast fashion. Therefore, all products are either in limited collections - handmade, hand-painted and hand-sewn, or they are made-to-order to assure there is no waste after our work.


To minimise the waste that ends up in landfills every year we decided to use very minimal packaging. We use recycled post boxes that not only protect our products but are also fully recyclable. The product is wrapped in silk paper to eliminate the creasing of the material and adds another layer of protection. We use no plastic. Please reuse our boxes or recycle them.


You are paying for a unique item. Everything is hand-made, starting with colouring each fabric in a unique way. Find more here. Pricing reflects the handwork production (50 % of a  total price), material (20 %), packaging and 

We drop it like it's hot.
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